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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: High Speed Counter Module
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The High Speed Counter is an intelligent I/O module and can be utilized in an I/O rack, or in any of the I/O slots in a Mode1 60 CPU, to solve a wide variety of position and velocity measurement/control applications where the frequency of incoming pulses is too high to be handled directly by the Series Six CPU. Features and Benefits for this module are summarized in Table 1. This microprocessor based counter is capable of receiving count pulses from quadrature encoders, digital tachometers, and mechanical or transistor switches Input voltage levels are jumper configurable to accept TTL Single Ended, TTL Differential, or 10-30 VDC signals. Four open-collector transistor outputs are provided for real time response independent of CPU scan time. Each output can sink up to 250 ma at voltages up to 30V. Individual pull-up resistors are also provided. The module can accept pulse rates of 50 KHz per channel. The accumulated count is stored as a 24 bit 2 s complement number giving a counting range of -8,388,607 to + 8,388,607. A total of 12 software preset registers are supported by the High Speed Counter module. Four of these presets control the four real time outputs while the remaining eight can be used in CPU relay logic. Each preset value can be individually set by the CPU. It is then continuously compared to the accumulated count by the modules microprocessor. The user can determine the sense of the comparison, selecting between having the output turn on when the accumulated count is less than (<) or greater than or equal to> the preset value. User logic in the CPU can individually set the four real time outputs to be enabled/disabled, and/or latched/unlatched. Additional capabilities allow the user to enable/disable counting, select count direction, reset the accumulated count to a predetermined value, or dynamically change any of the I2 software preset registers. Since this intelligent I/O module resides in the Series Six I/O structure, multiple counter modules can be utilized. Each counter will use 32 Input and 32 Output addresses by which the CPU downloads preset and mode select data and by which position and status data is received. High Speed Counter GEK-83545 TABLE 1, FEATURES AND BENEFITS FEATURES BENEFITS I Accepts many types of counting input Quadrature encoder Digital tachometer Transistor/photo switch Mechanical contacts Provides direct and isolated inputs for multiple types of field devices Counting rate to 5OKHz Xl, X2, X4 count input for quadrature input to 200KHz Maximum count: -8,388,608 t o + 8,388,607 Provide high speed pulse input over wide count range, no need to cascade counters Four external outputs Individual preset comparisons can be <, or >, to accumulated count Individual enable/latch functions ,500 micro-second response time Sink 250ma, TTL to 30 VDC Control multiple field devices, for fast, high speed application Eight internal presets for CPU use Functions as programmable limit switch whose bits Individual preset comparisons can be can be read by the CPU and used to control logic based <, or > to accumulated count on accumulated count. Internal/External Signals for Count enable Count direction Count reset Marker Home position Added dimensions for flexible, real world applications Calculate the number of counts occurring during a user-defined time period. Returns counts/timebase (velocity) value for use in digital speed regulation programs Continued operation of counter if CPU is placed offline or fails Maintain accurate position count and control of connected loads Built-in diagnostics, indicators and CPU status Detects system faults and alerts CPU logic and operator information 2 High Speed Counter GEK-83545 TABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: Circuit Board 8.15 x 11.0 x 1.20 (inches) 208 x 280 x 31 (mm)l5.0V Faceplate 12.46 x 1.175 (inches)0.2V 317 x 30 (mm) Power requirements 5 VDC, l.lA maximum Supplied by I/O rack power supply Units of Load = 19 User Supplied TTL 1 o-3ov Voltage 5V + 0.20 VDC 10-30V + .5 VDC Ripple 100mv Iv Current 400ma 400ma Timing Characteristics Input Pulse Rate: DC to 5OKHz (square wave) Input Pulse Rate with filter selected: DC to 1OOHz (square wave) Marker Pulse Width: 5 usec (minimum) Response time for outputs l-4 to incoming pulses: 500 usec (typ) TTL Single Ended Sink Input Characteristics Maximum Input Voltage: 5.5V Minimum Turn-On Voltage: 2.OV Minimum Input Voltage: -1.5V Maximum Turn-Off Voltage: 0.8V Input Impedance: 1000 ohms (TYP) Minimum Low Level Input Current: -6.Oma (sinking) 5 Volt Differential Input Characteristics Inputs are RS422 compatible Maximum Input Voltage: +- 15.OV Common Mode Voltage Range: 3- 7.OV Threshold Sensitivity: f 0.2V Input Impedance: 115 ohms (TYP.) Minimum Input Current: + 3.0ma l0-30V s i n g l e e n d e d s o u r c e i n p u t characteristics. Maximum Input Voltage: 33V Minimum Turn-On Voltage: 9V Minimum Input Voltage: -20V Maximum Turn-off Voltage: 2V Input Impedance: 3800 ohms (TYP) Output Characteristics Outputs are open collector with a common clamp diode (CLP) provided for optional connection to positive source. Pull-up resistors provided for outputs. PUl = 1100 ohm. PU2, PU3, outputs. PU4 = 4700 ohm Maximum Supply Voltage: 30 VDC Maximum On-State Voltage Drop: 0.4V for: I 50ma 0.70 for: 1250ma Maximum Output Current: 250ma continuous 500ma peak for 1 second Operating Temperature: 0-60 C (at outside of rack) Storage Temperature: -20 to + 80 C Humidity: 5-95% (non-condensing) Altitude: Up to 10,000 feet above sea level High Speed Counter GEK-83545 INSTALLATION The High Speed Counter module can be installed in an I/O rack or in a Model 60 CPU rack. Before installing the module, the dual-in-line-package (DIP) switches immediately behind the card slot on the rack backplane should be set to reserve a group of 32 consecutive bits in the appropriate Input AND Output Status Tables of the CPU. For specific DIP switch settings, refer to Figure 1. You should also set the circuit board jumpers and dip switch to configure the module for your particular application. Refer to Figure 2 for description of all user settings. We recommend that you use the extraction/insertion tool furnished with your CPU to remove or install the circuit board. With the board in place in the rack, the edge connector on the faceplate should be slipped over the circuit board so that proper contact is made. You can then secure the faceplate to the rack using the thumbscrews at the top and bottom. Refer to Figure 3 and 4 for typical user output connections to this module. Figure 7 shows the general internal design for the four output circuits, while Figures 5 and 6 contains the general internal design for the input circuits. WARNING Voltages from user field devices could be present on the faceplate terminals, even if the power supply in the I/O rack is off. Care should be taken when handling the faceplate of this module or any wires connected to it. If the CPU RESET signal is high, the counter will continue to function, except outputs 1 thru 4 will be forced off regardless of their previous state. When the CPU once again becomes operational, the four outputs will return to their conditional state as determined by the enable/disable and latch/unlatch bits and the preset comparison state. If the CPU RESET signal is high, the counter will continue to function, and will retain full control over its four outputs. FIGURE 2. CONFIGURABLE USER SETTINGS (PART 2 OF 3) 6 High Speed Counter GEK-83545 DIP SWITCH FUNCTION JP4 1-2* Encoder mode - Quadrature Encoder with optional marker 2-3 Counter mode - Square wave pulse input JP5 1-2* X1 for quadrature encoder input 2-4 X2 for quadrature encoder input 2-3 X4 for quadrature encoder input Must be set to X1 when in counter mode * Factory Setting Input A - 5V differential Input A - TTL single ended Input A - 10-30V single ended Input B - 5V differential Input B - TTL single ended Input B - 10-30V single ended Input C - 5V differential Input C - TTL single ended Input C - 10-30V single ended Input D - 5V differential Input D - TTL single ended Input D - 10-30V single ended FIGURE 2. CONFIGURABLE USER SETTINGS

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