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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series Six 4-20mA Analog Input Module (8 channels)
  • Weight: 4 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

General Description The Analog Input module is available in three versions: unipolar, bipolar and current. The unipolar module covers the voltage range, 0 to +10 V. The bipolar module covers the voltage range, - 10 to +1 0 V. The current module accepts currents in the range, 4 to 20mA;with a simple change of front panel connections it reads voltages in the range, +1 to +5 V. The Analog Input module features and benefits are summarized in Table 1. Each of these modules functions as an anaits eight input channels. log-to-digital (A/D) converter for signals on each of The sampled value of the input level is converted to a 12-bit binary number. This number is sent, along with binary information giving various operating conditions and the number of the channel being read, to the Input Status Table in the CPU. Each module contains an eight-to-one analog multiplexer, A/D circuitry, and an opto-isolator, along with an address decoder and data-bus drivers. There is also detection circuitry for open-wire, high-limit, and low-limit conditions, as well as an LED indicator that displays module status. specifications. Refer to Table 2 (next page) for Analog Input Module Table 1. Features and Benefits FEATURES Three Ranges Available: 0 to 10v -10 to +lO v 4 to 20 mA(+l to +5 V) Eight Input Channels per Module Conversion to 12 Data Bits Differential Inputs BENEFITS Useful in a Variety of Applications Efficient Use of I/O-Rack Space Provides Resolution of 1 Part in 4096 Good Noise Immunity (CMRR > 60 dB to 1 kHz) High Input Impedance (Typically 100 M LZ) Optically-Coupled Data Path Provides Electrical Isolation between User Field Devices and the Series Six Controller Status Information Sent to CPU Detects Overrange, Underrange, Open-Wire Conditions, and Module Status Sequential or Repetitive Channel Access Allows Normal Reading of All Channels, or High-Speed Sampling of Data from a Single Channel Process Signal Measurement Motor Speed Monitoring Energy Usage Monitoring APPLICATIONS Data Logging Alarm Level Sensing Position Sensing 2 Analog Input Module GEK-83525E Table 2. Specifications Dimensions: Circuit Board: Faceplate: Operating Temperature: Storage Temperature: Humidity: Accuracy: Any one input can be calibrated to within Temperature Coefflcieut: Linearity Gain offset Power Requirements: Input Overvoltage: Input Bias Currents: Input Impedance: Common Mode Voltage Operating Range: Common Mode Rejection (Noise Immunity): Cross Talk: Resolution: Input Filter: 8.15 x 11.0 x 1.20 (inches), 208 x 280 x 31 (mm) 12.46 x 1.175 (inches), 317 x 30 (mm) 0 to 60 C (at the outside of the rack) -20 to 40 C 5 % - 95% (non-condensing) Voltage Input + 0.025% of full scale at 25 C typical + 0.050% of full scale at 25 C maximum Current Input (4-20 mA) + 0.075% of full scale at 25 C typical (see note below) + 0.125% of full scale at 25 C maximum NOTE 0.025% of full scale at 25 C. Current Input (l0-50 mA) with external 100 ohm shunt voltage input function (1-5 V) being used. Therefore:+ 0.025% of full scale at 25 C typical PLUS tolerance of 100 ohm shunt, +- 0.050% of full scale at 25 C maximum PLUS tolerance of 100 ohm shunt. < 6ppm* of Full Scale per degree C < 18ppm of Full Scale per degree C < 1Oppm of Full Scale per degree C *ppm = parts per million Example: 10 ppm = 10 / 1 million = .00l% 5 V dc, 1.5 A, Supplied by I/O-rack power supply. The user must supply analog input voltage or current levels. Differential or common mode transients up to 30 V will not cause damage. < 200 pA at +25 degrees C maximum < 8 nA at +7O degrees C maximum < 100 M Q Typical + 11 V maximum from inputs to SHD >60dB, DC to lkHz >74dB at lkHz 12 Binary Bits (1 part in 4096) Time Constant (nominal) is 1 milli-second limilimad c99L- 4Q-651/SL- Wd9 t tt t it Analog Input Module 3 GEK-83525E Figure 1. User Items 1. BOARD OK Light: The LED is OFF if there is an A/D converter malfunction, an I/O-rack power supply problem, or the CPU is in the Stop or the Run Disabled mode. It is also Off if the module has not been read since one of these conditions existed, or since power has been applied. 2. R12: Offset Potentiometer, (All Channels) 3. R11: Gain Potentiometer, (All Channels) 4. User Connector Block 4 Analog Input Module GEK-83525E Installation The Analog Input module can be installed in an I/O rack, a Model 60 CPU rack, or a Series Six Plus CPU rack. Before installing the Analog Input module, the dual-in-line-package (DIP) switches immediately behind the card slot on the rack backplane should be set to reserve a group of 32 consecutive bits in the appropriate Input Status Table of the CPU. For specific DIP switch settings, see below. Use the extraction/insertion tool furnished with the CPU to remove or install the circuit board. With the board in place in the rack, the edge connector on the faceplate should be slipped over the circuit board so that proper contact is made, then secure the faceplate to the rack using the thumbscrews at the top and bottom. Both the Input terminal (IN) and the Return terminal of any unused input channels should be connected to the shield terminal. Input Number X Switch in OPEN Position (Depressed to the Left) Switches No. 1 and 2 should be in CLOSED Position Notes A group of 32 consecutive I/O points are required to be selected for this module to communicate to and from the Input Table. Each of the eight input channels will utilize these same 32 I/O points. Each time a total I/O scan is executed, one of the input channels of this module will be scanned, converted, and sent to the Input Table. The next time a total I/O scan is executed the channel number is incremented by one and the next channel is scanned, converted, and sent to the Input Table on the same 32 consecutive I/O points. This process is repeated each time a total I/O scan is executed until all of the input channels are converted and sent to the Input Table. At this time the process repeats, one per total I/O scan, until all the channels are scanned. It is the responsibility of the user to program a store in a register of these data bits during the solution cycle and use the registers for reference inputs as the Input Table will reflect only one input channel at a time and the register will contain all eight channels. Using, the CPU extended functions, the user can elect to read repeatedly the same channel or scan up to all eight channels in sequence at a much faster rate than the normal I/O scan rate. This is accomplished by programming a \\\"DO I/O\\\" function during the normal user program. Refer to the Application Guide Manual, GEK-25365, for more detailed instructions. Analog Input Module 5 GEK-83525E Electrical Installation The Analog Input modules can be driven and wired to in many ways. A symbolic Analog Input module circuit is shown in Figure 2. For typical user input connections when using a 0 to 10V or -10 to +10V analog signal transmitter refer to Figure 3. When using a +1 to +5V, 4 to 20 ma, or 10 to 50 ma analog signal transmitter refer to Figure 4 for typical user input connections. For other types of analog transmitters such as Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4, refer to Instrument Society of America Standard, ISA-S50.1, for guidance. A Type 2 transmitter is shown for reference only in Figure 5. 70tmp21 USER SERIES 6 Analog Input Module Figure 3. Typical User Input Connections (0 to +10 V or -10 to +10 V) CAUTION The signal lines (such as wires that connect to an IN- or VR- terminal) must be no more than 11V from the common (SHD) terminal at any time or damage may result to the module. Notes For an unbalanced source, the ground shield should be connected to the source common or ground as shown in the connection for input 2 above. If all of the source inputs to this module come from the same location and are referenced to the same common, a connection is made as shown in Input 1 to the SHD/common input to the module. If the inputs to any one analog input module come from multiple sources, care must be taken to connect each of the source common points together and then connect to the Analog Input module at only one terminal, such as Terminal 4 above. This will eliminate multiple grounding or ground loops which can cause false input data. All terminals marked SHD/common are internally connected together with 1500 V DC isolation to chassis. An optional way to connect the shields is to connect only one end and connect all shields at the module. Source commons should all be connected together and connected back to the module at only one place such as Input 1 above.

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