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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: Axis Positioning Module Type 2 (Encoder Feedback)
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

AXIS POSITIONING MODULE (TYPE 2) GEK-90766A --- GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Axis Positioning Module TYPE 2 (APM II) is an intelligent, programmable, single-axis positioning controller integrated into the Series Six Programmable Controller (PC) system. The APM II provides a real time interface between the Series Six PC and a servo or steppercontrolled axis. The user can monitor and control the APM II from a Program Development Terminal (PDT) or Workmaster TM while the APM II performs the complex calculations required to control a precision positioning system. Due to the complete integration of the APM II into the PC system, the Series Six provides a predictable, yet flexible, axis control capability. The APM II is distinguished by its ability to operate in either servo or stepper Control Modes, by its use of encoders to provide position feedback, and by the programming of velocity and acceleration in terms of rates. The features and benefits of the APM II are summarized in Table 1 More details concerning the theory of operation, specific application information, and detailed wiring information for this module may be found in the Axis Positioning Module Type 2 manual (GEK-90800.) APM Type 2 GEK-90766 TABLE 1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS FEATURES Dual function module BENEFITS Command structure similar to APM Type 1. Permits open-loop stepper control with or without check-loop or closed-loop servo control with encoder feedback. Preprocessed canned cycles Permits repeated execution of move commands without preprocessing delays. Programmable limit switches Eight preset switch comparisons simplify user CPU programming of interlocks, Programmable acceleration Auxiliary analog input Acceleration control independent of position loop gain. Dual Range Bipolar input simplifies applications. - Alarm limits -Adaptive control Tachometer output Reduces user hardware cost. Electromechanical tachometer not required for many applications. Force D/A output command Permits user to directly command speed reference output during initial system checkout. Can be used to switch from position to other control modes. Force commanded position Direct control of position command from CPU for operation as a simple position regulator. A Quad B Encoder position feedback Drive Enable Relay output Compatible with many standard encoders. Use with brake to hold position or to permit free-wheeling. Feedhold command Loop Contactor control relay output Discrete inputs Permits cycle interruption. Disconnect drive from motor. Detect overtravel. Detect home position. Detect drive hardware functioning. Set point programming Canned cycles Wait to Move Minimize air cutting time. Simplifies PC program with 20 canned cycles Synchronized start from external device or master APM. Multiple axis interlocking. Feedrate override Adaptive control and gage control applications are easier to implement. Out of sync sensing Detects external and internal hardware failure. Detects wiring errors and protects drive and motor. Velocity Feedforward Reduces following error for multi-axis coordination and higher performance. Find Home cycle Permits precise location of machine reference position at high speed with programmable offsets. APM Type 2 GEK-90766 TABLE 1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS (Continued) r FEATURES BENEFITS Digital speed regulation No steady state velocity error. Diagnostics Reports command, control and drive system errors to reduce downtime and improve start ups. Base Speed command Permits instantaneous change of commanded velocity. MODULE SPECIFICATION I Space Requirements: One Series Six I/O slot in either a Model 60 CPU rack or a High-Capacity I/O rack. A Standard I/O Rack cannot be used. Power Requirements: +5 V dc @ 1.25 amp maximum. + 12 V dc @ 265 mA maximum. -12 V dc @ 155 mA maximum. Approximately 38 UNIT LOADS A maximum of three (3) APM II modules may be installed in a Model 60 CPU rack. A maximum of six (6) APM II modules may be installed in a High Capacity I/O rack. Storage Temperature: 00 to 700 c Operating Temperature: Humidity: Altitude: 00 to 600 c 5% to 9 5% (non-condensing) Up to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level (operating) Isolation: (Faceplate connections to Series Six common> Encoder Inputs Stepper Outputs Switch Inputs Relay Outputs > 50 V dc Continuous 1500 V Peak Transient Noise and Transient Immunity: Switch inputs and relay outputs meet the requirements of: NEMA ICS 2-230 and ANSI C37.90A APM Type 2 GEK-90766 AXIS POS MODULE BOARD OK APM ENABLED DRIVE ENABLED PIN 0 1 EN I 2 n EN2 3 LPI 4 LP2 5 NL 6 U PL 7 HS -111 8 n LCM ) DRIVE ENABLE (DRY CONTACT CLOSURE) ) LOOP CONTACTOR (DRY CONTACT CLOSURE) NEGATIVE OVERTRAVEL SWITCH 110 - 30VDC) POSITIVE OVERTRAVEL SWITCH 110 - 30VDC) HOME POSITION SWITCH HO - 30VDC) POSITION SWITCH COMMON ) ENCODER POWER (200 MA MAX) ) ENCODER CHANNEL A FEEDBACK } ENCODER CHANNEL B FEEDBACK } ENCODER MARKER FEEDBACK ) SERVO DRIVE VELOCITY COMMAND (+/-10VDC) ) TACHOMETER OUTPUT 1+/-7.5VOCI 4 TPK.A.40297 APM Type 2 TABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS FOR FACEPLATE CONNECTIONS GEK-90766 INTERFACE IN/OUT CHARACTERISTICS Drive Enable (optional) Loop Contactor (optional) Negative Overtravel Switch (optional) Positive Overtravel Switch (optional) Home Switch (optional) Drive OK (optional) Velocity Command output output Input Input Input Input Output Normally open relay contact; Contacts rated 24 V ac/dc, 1 amp maximum (resistive load only); dry contact Same as Drive Enable. Requirements: CLOSED (ON) = IO-30 V dc OPEN (OFF) < 3 V dc; Input current = 10 ma @ 24 V; Input impedance = 2000 ohms; Interpretation: OFF = overtravei. Disable using SW3-3 Same as Negative Overtravel Switch. Requirements: Same as Negative Overtravel. Interpretation: CLOSED (ON) = Negative side of home switch. OPEN (OFF) = Positive side of home switch. Requirements: CLOSED (ON) = 10 - 30 V dc OPEN (OFF) = 5 3 v dc Input current: 10 ma @ 24 V Input impedance = 2000 ohms; Interpretation: CLOSED (ON) = Drive OK OPEN (OFF) = Drive Not OK Disable using SW3-4 Differential output of D/A converter with following characteristics: Resolution: 13 bits including sign. Linearity: .012% of full scale output 4 500 microvolts maximum Maximum output voltage: k 10 V +- .3 V Minimum output load resistance: 2000 ohms Voltage between Analog Common (ACM) and Series Six Common: t_ IV maximum. I APM Type 2 GEK-90766 TABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS FOR FACEPLATE CONNECTIONS (Continued) INTERFACE IN/OUT CHARACTERISTICS Tachometer Output Analog Input (optional) Synchronized Start (optional) output The Tachometer Output is derived from the A QUAD B encoder input. Characteristics: Output voltage: 5 8.0 V maximum Minimum load impedance: 2000 ohms Output common mode range: + 1.0 V (Analog Common to Series Six Common) Gain: (Programmable) 7.5 V = 200,000 x 100 cts/min 100,000 x 100 cts/min 50,000 x 100 cts/min 25,000 x 100 cts/min Offset at zero velocity: + 1.0 mv maximum Output ripple: Gain Ripple 7.5 v = 200,000 62 mv max 7.5 V = 100,000 125 mv max 7.5 V = 50,000 250 mv max 7.5 V = 25,000 500 mv max Output Polarity: Set by SW3-1 Factory setting: Positive velocity causes negative output voltage. Encoder Requirements: Minimum recommended resolution is 2000 counts per motor shaft revolution (500 line encoder) Input A/D converter input with the following characteristics: Input range: -10.0 to +9.92 V dc or -5.00 to +4.966 V dc (selected by sw3-5) Gain factor: 1 count = 78.12 mv or 39.06 mv. Input impedance: 20 kohms Common Mode range: 1 15 V Output on Master APM II; Input on Slave APM II. 6 APM Type 2 GEK-90766 TABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS FOR FACEPLATE CONNECTIONS (Continued) INTERFACE IN/OUT CHARACTERISTICS Step Command Outputs Output TTL open collector output with 1 k SI pull-up resistor to isolated + 5 V. Sink Output current: 30 mA max Low Level Output voltage: 0.4 V max at 10 mA Max pulse rate: 41.7 khz (49.5 khz with rate override = 110%) Pulse width: 13.9 i.cs Operating Modes: SELECTION OUTPUT FUNCTION FORMAT OF SIGNAL EXAMPLE OF SIGNAL OUTPUT 0 (default) SI STEP HIGH PULSE S2 DIRECTION HIGH LEVEL (POSITIVE) DIRECTION _J L LOW LEVEL (NEGATIVE) DIRECTION 11 1 S I POSITIVE STEP HIGH PULSE S2 NEGATIVE STEP HIGH PULSE 2 SI STEP LOW PULSE S2 DIRECTION HIGH LEVEL (POSITIVE) DIRECTION _1 L LOW LEVEL (NEGATIVE) DIRECTION 3 SI PPOOSSIITTIIVVEE STEP LOW PULSE S2 NEGATIVE STEP LOW PULSE 7 APM Type 2 GEK-90766 TABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS FOR FACEPLATE CONNECTIONS (Continued) INTERFACE IN/OUT CHARACTERISTICS Encoder Interface Inputs Input Characteristics: Input type: Optically isolated, differential or single ended Input voltage range: 15 V Input threshold: Single ended: + 1.0 V nominal Differential: + 0.05 V 0.03 V Input impedance: 5 kohms nominal from each input to isolated common. Number of inputs: 3 (Channel A, Channel B, and Marker) Line terminations: 180 ohm (nominal) line terminations are provided for use in differential mode. Terminations are selected using SW2-1 through SW2-3 Maximum input frequency: 100 khz (each channel) Quadrature tolerance: 90 degrees 45 degrees Quadrature error detection: Simultaneous transitions on the Channel A and Channel B inputs will be detected as loss of quadrature. Encoder power: +5.0 V .25 V @ 200 mA maximum Encoder direction of travel: Channel A leading Channel B =-- motion in positive direction. Motion in Positive Direction Channel A Channel B Motion in Negative Direction Channel A Channel B Z Channel (Marker) Input Polarity: A positive transition of the Z Channel is used in the FIND HOME cycle to initialize position Feedback cable: 4 twisted pair, 22 gage with overall shield and jacket. 100 ft maximum length. Figure 2. AXIS POSITIONING MODULE TYPE 2 USER ITEMS (Part I of 3) PC-S6-84-0297 9 APM Type 2 GEK-90766 INDICATOR LIGHTS O BOARD OK ON: APM has passed self-diagnostic tests. These tests are performed when the I/O rack is turned on and whenever an ERROR condition occurs. OFF: APM hardware failure. APM ENABLED ON: Board is OK and APM has received the ENABLE APM Command. OFF: Turned off during power-up self-diagnostics, by any ERROR condition, or upon receiving the RESET Command. DRIVE ENABLED ON: APM is capable of controlling position. OFF: Turned off following power-up, in an ERROR condition or upon a RESET or DISABLE DRIVE Command. USER ITEMS Figure 2 (part 2 of 3) 10 APM Type 2 G EK-90766 MODULE DIP-SWITCH SETTINGS 0 Synchronizing Clock Independent (Factory Set Configuration) Master (Source of Backplane Clock) Slave Clock (Receives Clock from Backplane) SW1 - 1 SW1-2 SW1-3 OPEN* OPEN* CLOSED* CLOSED OPEN CLOSED CLOSED OPEN OPEN SWITCH NO. FUNCTION STATE CLOSED = ON, OPEN ---- OFF SW2-1 Encoder Channel A Input Differential Input (terminated) CLOSED Single-Ended Input OPEN* SW2-2 Encoder Channel B Input Differential Input (Terminated) CLOSED Single-Ended Input OPEN* SW2-3 Encoder Channel Z Input Differential Input (Terminated) CLOSED Single-Ended Input OPEN* SW3-1 Positive Velocity Causes Negative Tachometer Output OPEN* Positive Tachometer Output CLOSED SW3-2 Sync Start Signal Direction Selection Master (Output) CLOSED* Slave (Input) OPEN SW3-3 Overtravel Limit Switches Enable OPEN* Disable CLOSED SW3-4 Drive OK Input Enable OPEN* Disable CLOSED SW3-5 Full Scale Analog Input Selection 5 V CLOSED 10 V OPEN* * = Factory Set Default Position. USER ITEMS Figure 2 (part 3 of 3) 11 APM Type 2 INSTALLATION GEK-90766 The Axis Positioning Module Type 2 may be installed in a Model 60 CPU rack or in a Series Six PC High-Capacity I/O rack. A maximum of three (3) APM II modules may be installed in a Model 60 CPU rack. A maximum of six (6) APM II mo d u1 es may be installed in any Series Six High-Capacity I/O rack. Before installing the module, set the Dual In-Line Package (DIP) switches adjacent to the card slot on the rack backplane where the module is to be placed to establish which group of 32 consecutive input and output points in the CPU I/O tables will be used by the module being installed. For further information on the I/O DIP switch settings, refer to Figure 3 and Figure 4. Remove power from the rack while installing the module. Use the extraction/insertion tool furnished with the Series Six rack to remove or install the module. Guide the faceplate over the circuit board so that proper contact is made. Then secure the faceplate to the rack using the thumbscrews at the top and bottom of the faceplate. Connect the field wiring to the terminal board on the faceplate at this time. Verify that the proper wiring has been made. For guidance on the wiring of the external circuits to this module refer to the APM II Manual, GEK-90800. Set the DIP switches SW-l, SW-2, and SW-3 on the module to the required operating configuration for this application. For reference refer to Figure 2 user items or the APM II Manual, GEK-90800. WARNING I Voltages from user field devices could be present on the faceplate terminals of this module, even if the power supply in the Model 60 CPU rack or the I/O rack is off. Care should be taken when handling the faceplate of this module or any wires connected to it.

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