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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: 32 points 10-50Vdc Source Output Module with Lights
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

GEK-84858B High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source June, 1989 OutputModule General Description The High-Density Source Output module - with indicating Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can be utilized in an I/O rack, or in any of the I/O slots in a Series Six Plus Central Processor Unit (CPU), to provide a compact, optically-isolated interface between the backplane I/O bus and user circuitry. Each module provides 32 active high outputs divided into 4 groups, each containing 8 outputs, all 32 outputs (4 groups) are normally updated in the course of one I/O scan. A common return point connects the 32 loads on the High-Density Source Output module. However, provisions are made for connecting user voltage +VA (10 to 50 volts) as a common source voltage for 16 of the outputs (groups 1 and 2), and user voltage +VB (10 to 50 volts) as a common source voltage for the other 16 outputs (groups 3 and 4). These may be the same or different voltages. Part of the internal module electronics is powered from the user +VA terminal. The placement of a jumpers allows the selection of disabling all outputs during a reset condition or the holding of the last state presented to the outputs even if a reset or failure should occur. By placement of a second jumper on the circuit board the user can select whether the data received from the CPU is inverted (complemented) or non-inverted before controlling the outputs. Two LED indicators identify the selected modes of operation. The module is supplied in one version having 32 LEDs (one for each output) indicating the state of each output individually. A particular LED will be illuminated whenever it s corresponding output is ON. The High-Density Source Output module features and benefits are summarized in Table 1. Refer to Table 3. for module specifications. Table 1. Features and Benefits Features 32 source output points per module. Benefits Low cost per output point. Efficient use of I/O rack space. Indicating lights. Visual indication at the module of the OFF/ON state of the outputs. Programmable hold last commanded state of outputs. The last commanded output states are retained throughout a Series Six power-down or system fault so long as the user power is uninterrupted. Interface from CPU to: Pilot lights Small solenoids Applications Compact I/O Systems I Other DC loads (current source) GEK-84858B ASM.NO. 4 A717563 GOI HOLD LAST STATE HLSM1 FAB NO.44A719274-001 /Ora, 2 High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source Figure 1. User Items (Part 1 of 2) High Density 10 to 50 V dc Source Output Module with Status Indicator Lights High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source 3 GEK-84858B 1. LED Indicator ON: Hold Last State OFF: Disable Outputs when required 2. LED Indicator LEDs - Illuminated when corresponding output is turned ON (low). Key Group Outputs LED ON: Output Data Inverted 5. 1 1 through 8 1 through 8 OFF: Output Data Non-Inverted 6. 2 1 through 8 9 through 16 7. 3 1 through 8 17 through 24 3. Jumper JP1: 1-2 Position, Disable Outputs 8. 4 1 through 8 25 through 32 2-3 Position, Hold Last State 4. Jumper JP2: 1-2 Position, Normal 2-3 Position, Data Inverted Figure 1. User Items (Part 2 of 2) Cont\'d Table 2. Dip Switch Settings = Switch in OPEN Position (Depressed to the Left) Switches No. 1 and No. 2 should be in CLOSED Position 4 High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source installation The High-Density 10 volt to 50 volt Source Output module can be installed in an I/O rack or in a Series Six Plus CPU rack. Before installing the module, the Dual-In-line Package (DIP) switches immediately behind the card slot on the rack backplane should be set to reserve 32 consecutive bits in the appropriate output status table of the CPU. For specific DIP switch settings, refer to Table 2. The circuit board jumpers must be set to configure the module to operate in the desired system configuration. For example: invert or non-invert, and disable outputs or hold last state. Refer to Figure 1, User Items. The response to a power-down or Series Six system fault is defined by jumper 1 (JPl). Position l-2 (DISABLE OUTPUTS) turns all outputs OFF in such cases. Position 2-3 (HOLD LAST STATE) would maintain the last commanded state of the outputs until new valid data is presented or user power is removed. In either case all outputs are initialized OFF when user power is turned on. Jumper 2 (JP2) determines what state commanded by the CPU is used to turn an output ON. In the Normal mode (non-inverting) the ON state (active high output) results when a logical 1 is in the Output Status Table. Conversely, an OFF state (output low) exists with a 0 in the Output Status Table. Just the opposite output state versus output status table exists if the module is placed in the Inverting mode. GEK-84858B When using a High-Density Output module to drive a High-Density Input module, both modules should be configured in the same mode (Inverting or Non-Inverting). Following this procedure ensures that the bit values sent from the Output Status Table to the Input Status Table are not inverted. It is recommended that the extraction/insertion tool furnished with the CPU be used to remove or install the circuit boards. With the boards in place in the rack, the edge connector on the faceplate should be slipped over the circuit board so that the proper contact is made. The faceplace can then be secured to the rack using the thumbscrews at the top and bottom. Refer to Figure 2 for a typical symbolic output circuit. Refer to Figure 3 for typical user connections to this module. For inductive loads, clamps diodes are connected internally to common. Outputs groups 1 and 2, as well as some of the module circuitry, are provided with power from terminal 33 (+VA), output groups 3 and 4 are provided with power from terminal 34 (+VB). These may be different voltages but must both have common negative points which are tied together and then tied to common terminal 36. A power supply or supplies must be connected to both +VA and +VB terminals to prevent alarms. High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source 5 GEK-84858B 70TMP73 TO STATUS INDICATORS ILLUMINATED IF OUTPUT IS ON (HIGH) +VA SHARED BY 16 OUTPUTS (GROUPS 1,2) TERMINAL 33 +VB SHARED BY 16 OUTPUTS (GROUPS 3,4) TERMINAL 34 +VA 0 OR +VB CPU INTERFACE CPU so- LOGIC OUTPUT DRIVER CIRCUITRY 0 OUTPUT (ONE OF 32) NORM INVERT ,,, STh 0 1 JUMPERS SHARED BY 0 FLOATING COMMON CONNECTED TO ALL CIRCUITS TERMINAL 36 AND IS SHARED BY 7 ALL 32 OUTPUTS HOLD DISABLE i---1 LAST OUTPUTS 0 O STATE Figure 2. Simplified Symbolic 10 to 50 V DC Source Output Circuit 6 High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source GEK-84858B I CAUTION I There are 4 groups of 8 outputs each in this module, Each of the 4 groups is updated at a different time in the I/O scan. The capability exists for connecting 2 or more outputs in parallel for increasing the current output for driving larger loads. Up to 8 outputs may be paralleled, for up to 4 amps output, if these 8 outputs are in the same group. Outputs from one group may not be connected in parallel with outputs from another group. Paralleling outputs from one group with outputs from another group can cause damage to the module during an I/O scan. USER If multiple outputs are connected in parallel, care should be taken when using a Workmaster computer or an Operator Interface Unit (OIU) for troubleshooting. Changing, or overriding status bits in the Output Status Table, with outputs paralleled requires that all of the paralleled output status bits be turned off or turned on simultaneously. Otherwise all of the output current could be placed on as few as only one output. This condition could cause damage to the module. Damage can also be caused by improper programming of multiple paralleled outputs, Figure 3. Typical User Output Connections NOTE A power supply must be connected to both +VA and +VB terminals. Output groups 1 and 2 require user power of from +lO to +50 volts which must be connected to terminal 33 (+VA). Output groups 3 and 4 require user power of from +I0 to +50 volts which must be connected to terminal 34 (+VB). These 2 terminals may be connected to the same voltage or to different voltages that have a common negative return which is connected to terminal 36 (COM). High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source 7 GEK-84858B Table 3. Specifications Dimensions: Storage Temperature: Operating Temperature: Humidity: Altitude: Isolation: Power Requirements: Circuit Board: 8.15 x 11 .O (inches) 208 x 280 (mm) Faceplate: 12.46 x 1.175 (inches) 317 x 30 (mm) -20 to +8O C 0 to 60 C at the outside of rack. 5 to 95% (non-condensing) Up to 10,000 feet above sea level (operating). Series Six Plus common to user common. 2000 V dc for one second (maximum). 240 V ac 50/6OHz continuous (maximum). Rate of change (noise immunity) 500 V/microsecond (maximum). Supplied by I/O rack or Series Six Plus rack: +5 V dc, 180 mA maximum or 3 power units. Ref. Chapter 3, I/O module load, Installation and Maintenance Manual, GEK-96602. User Supplied Power: To +VA terminal 33. Voltage including ripple: no less than 10 V dc to/or greater than 50 V dc including ripple of no more than fi V 50/60 Hz. Current at terminal 33 = 5 Watts plus load current. To +VB terminal 34. Voltage including ripple: no less than 10 V dc to/or greater than 50 V dc including ripple of no more than ti V 50/60 Hz. Output Capabilities: Current at terminal 34 = 2 Watts plus load current. ON state, output high Module acts as a current source. 500 milliamps per output. OFF state: Response Time: Output low or output floats. Leakage: ml milliamp per output maximum. Paralleling Outputs: See discussion, page 6, Figure 3. ON to OFF or OFF to ON, 40 microseconds maximum. Table 4. Ordering Information Module High-Density Source Output With Status Indicators Circuit Board and Faceplate IC600BF929A Circuit Board Only Faceplate Only IC600BF929A IC600BF929A 8 High Density 10 to 50 V DC Source GEK-84858B Catalog Number Revision Suffix The equipment listed above having the catalog numbers shown and the same equipment having a higher alpha suffix is designed for listing by UL for use as auxiliary control devices. The equipment is a direct replacement for equipment having the same catalog number but a lower alpha suffix. The UL symbol on the nameplate means the product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL Standard No. 508, Industrial Control Equipment, subsection Electronic Power Conversion Equipment.) For further information, contact your local GE Fanuc sales office. GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia

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