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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: Local I/O Transmitter Module, Enhanced
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Input/Output (I/O) Transmitter module provides an interface between the I/O rack it resides in and an I/O rack, downstream, up to 500 feet (150meters) away. The features and benefits of this module are summarized in table 1. This module is jumper selectable to work in either NORMAL or EXPANDED I/O modes. The NORMAL I/O mode allows 1 I/O chain per CPU (default setting). The EXPANDED I/O mode allows up to 8 I/O chains (16 including AUX) per CPU. This feature yields a system maximum of 16K I/O points (32K including AUX). A DC-to-DC converter on the circuit board provides a +5 Vdc supply voltage to circuits connected to the I/O Bus. Consequently, I/O stations downstream from the I/O Transmitter module are electrically isolated from I/O stations upstream and the Series Six Central Processor Unit (CPU). Refer to figure 1 (below) for I/O Transmitter module specifications. Table 1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS FEATURES I/O fault isolation, I/O Connection BENEFITS Provides electrical isolation of I/O stations downstream. Separate grounds can be used at different I/O stations separated by an t/O transmitter. Simplifies troubleshooting. User can select system response to I/O faults (CPU stop or continue). User can select to use 1 chain or multiplex up to 8 chains per CPU (16 chains including AUX). - Dimensions: Circuit Board: 8.15 x 1 I .0 (inches) 208 x 280 (mm) Power Requirements: 5 Vdc, 1.65 A maximum (Supplied by I/O rack power supply) - Operating Temperature: 0o to 60 C (at the outside of the rack) Faceplate: - Storage Temperature: -20o to + 80 C 12.46 x 1.1 75 (inches) I 317 x 30 (mm) - Humidity: 50% to 95% (non-condensing) Figure I. SPECIFICATIONS TPK.A.40757 @ D-Type 37-Pin Connector to I/O Receiver module in Downstream Local l/O station. @ CHAIN ACTIVE LIGHT: 02 CHAIN OK Light: NOTE: Not visible with faceplate in place, for use in system set up only - EXPANDED I/O MODE. ON: Power is OK at all downstream stations and continuity is OK to all downstream ON: Indicates that chain is active points. OFF: Indicates that chain is inactive. OFF: At least one of these conditions is not met. 03 CHAIN PARITY Light: ON: Output parity is OK at all downstream stations. OFF: There is an output parity error at one (or more> of these stations. 04 ISOLATED POWER Light: ON: The output voltage of the + 5V isolated power converter is within tolerance. 0 FAULT ENABLE/DISABLE Selector: a . Place the jumper over pins 2-3 to enable system stop for a local fault. b. Place the jumper over pins l-2 for a local fault not to stop the system. @ NORMAL/EXPANDED I/O SELECTOR: a . Place the jumper (JP2) over pins l-2 for NORMAL I/O. One nonselectable I/O chain. OFF: This voltage is too low. 05 FAULT ENABLE Light: b. Place the jumper (JP2) over pins 2-3 for EXPANDED l/O. Selectable 1 to 8 chains. ON: The module is customer selected to stop the system for a local fault condition. OFF: The module is customer selected such that a local fault condition does not stop the system. Figure 2. USER ITEMS 2 I/O Transmitter Module GEK-835 1.5 INSTALLATION The I/O Transmitter Module can be installed in either a standard or High Capacity I/O rack, a model 60 CPU rack or a Series Six Plus CPU rack in any available l/O slot, except the extreme left slot. However, GE recommends that the slot to the extreme left, in an I/O rack, be reserved for the I/O Receiver Module. If the card is to be used in the NORMAL I/O mode, follow the steps listed below. For use in the EXPANDED I/O mode, a chain number will have to be assigned via the backplane dip switches, refer to figure 3. 5. Connect an I/O cable (Part No. IC600WDXXXA, where XXX is a 3-digit number corresponding to the length of the cable) from the front panel connector on this module, downstream to the first I/O Receiver in the next Local I/O station. 6 . Secure all connectors using the furnished screws. Follow these steps: 1. Connect the green, faceplate ground wire to the terminaI next to the card slot. 2. Select FAULT ENABLE/DISABLE mode (see item 7 on previous page). 3. Use the extraction/insertion tool furnished with the Series Six CPU to insert (or remove) this module in the card slot. 4 . Secure the faceplate to the rack using the thumbscrews at the top and bottom. NOTE There is a maximum distance of 500 feet (150 meters) from a CPU or Local I/O station to the next Local station, and no Local station can interface more than four I/O Transmitters upstream to the Series Six CPU. i-f-l =SWITCH IN OPEN POSITION (DEPRESSED TO THE LEFT1 SWITCH NUMBERS 4-7=DON\\\'T CARE Figure 3. DIP SWITCH SETTINGS I/O Transmitter Module GEK-83515 ORDERING INFORMATION Circuit Board and Faceplate lC600BF900C Circuit Board IC600Y B900C Faceplate IC600FP900B CATALOG NUMBER REVISION SUFFIX The equipment listed above having the catalog numbers shown and the same equipment having a higher alpha suffix is designed for listing by UL for use as auxiliary control devices. The equipment is a direct replacement for equipment having the same catalog number but a lower alpha suffix. The UL symbol on the nameplate means the product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL Standard No, 508, Industrial Control Equipment, subsection Electronic Power Conversion Equipment.) For further information, contact your local GE Fanuc sales office. GE

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