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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series Six 6 Input Input/Output I/O Communication Control Module Type 4- AB DH Interface
  • Weight: 4 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

GFK-0077A I/O Communications Control Module Type 4 April 1988 IC600BF950 Interface to Allen-Bradley Data Highway PLC-2 communication compatability DF1 full duplex operation Configurable data rate The l/O Communications Control Module Type 4 (I/O CCM4) is a microprocessor based module consisting of two boards in a mother-daughter board configuration. The module is designed to operate with a Series Six Central Processor Unit (CPU). The module may be installed in the Series Six CPU I/O slot or a High Capacity I/O rack. It connects to an external AI len-Bradley Communication Control ler Module (Cat. No s. 1771 -KE, KF) and permits Series Six access to the Allen-Bradley Data Highway. Under control of the Series Six application p r o g r a m , t h e I/O CCM4 module can transfer information to and from any remote device on the Data Highway. Conversely, any remote Data Highway device can also transfer information to and from the Series Six CPU. The I/O CCM4 appears much like a PLC-2 Programmable Controller in the way that it communicates over the Allen-Bradley Data Highway. The I/O CCM4 full-duplex DFI protocol conforms closely to the ANSI X3.28 standard. DF1 protocol combines the features of D1 (data transparency) and F1 (two way simultaneous transmission with embedded responses). The l/O CCM4 features six on-board, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that display port activity and module status indications. a42056 I I I 1 I NTERFACE If the power-up diagnostics detect failure, the BOARD OK LED will not turn 0: and the remaining five LEDs will provide an error code. The CPU COMM LED blinks to indicate communications between the I/O CCM4 module and the Series Six CPU. If this LED stays off there is no communication. The remaining four LEDs provide port activity indication for the respective transmitters and receivers. They will blink when the port is communicating and stay off when there is no activity on the port. A Series Six CPU with software version V104, or later, is required. The Series Six application (ladder logic) program must include a DPREQ instruction for any I/O to take place through the l/O CCM4. This is true for both locally and remotely initiated I/O instructions. PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-4 are trademarks of Allen-Bradley; Series Six is a trademark of GE Fanuc GFK-0077 c) oc) PORT 2 2 I/O Communications Control Module Type 4 O LED Status Indicators (Refer to Table 3) 0 Bank A DIP switches 0 Bank B DIP switches O Bank C DIP switches J1 connector: 25-pin D-type female connector (unused) J2 connector: 25-pin D-type female connector (DF1 full duplex) O Hybrid DIP package: RS-232 package orientation () Faceplate I/O Communications Control Module Type 4 GFK-0077 3 INSTALLATION The I/O CCM4 module may be installed in any one of the Series Six CPU rack l/O locations or in a High-Capacity I/O rack. lnstall a t i o n o f t h e I/O CCM4 module consists of the following: I/O CCM4 module configuration Series Six backplane I/O configuration RS-232 cable fabrication l/O CCM4 Module Installation Diagnostic power-up I/O CCM4 CONFIGURATION Configure the I/O CCM4 before installing the module into the logic rack. (Refer to Figure 2, User Items I/O CCM4) 1. Set the I/O CCM4 dual-in-line (DIP) switches banks (A, B and C) for the required configuration. They specify the characteristics of the interface module. (Refer to Page 4, Switch bank setting for A, B and C) 2. Verify that the I/O CCM4 hybrid DIP package is oriented for RS-232 communications on the lower port (Port 2). This package is marked 232 on one end and 422 on the other and is mounted in a socket. Position the package so that 232 appears right-side up on the surface of the package. Position the I/O CCM4 module in any one of the Series Six or High-Capacity I/O rack locations. Refer to Page 8 of this document for module installation. DIAGNOSTIC POWER-UP A small screwdriver is needed to turn Power-up the system and verify the screw which releases the hybrid communications of the l/O CCM4 package from the socket. module. (Refer to Page 8 of this (Refer to Figure 3 for package document for Diagnostic Power-up configuration) lnstructions. BACKPLANE I/O CONFIGURATION Set the backplane dual-in-line (DIP) switch package before installing the I/O CCM4 into the rack. The switch package is located on the backplane to the right of each I/O card location. The DIP switch setting establishes a group of eight consecutive input points in the CPU input table and one register in the register table for use by the I/O CCM4 module. If more than one module is installed in the same I/O rack, each must have its own unique card address. (Refer to Table 2. DIP switch setting for I/O point selection, and Figure 4. backplane switch configuration.) CABLE FABRICATION A cable assembly is required for communication between the I/O CCM4, RS-232 serial port and the port labeled \"computer RS232-C\" on the Allen-Bradley CCM. (Refer to Page 7, for cable specifications, and Table 1. for Port 2 pin-out.) I/O CCM4 lNSTALLATlON 4 I/O Communications Control Module Type 4 I/O CCM4 SWITCH CONFIGURATION Position the I/O CCM4 DIP switch banks (A, B, and C) as indicated. Switch notations apply to al I three switches. OFF is equivalent to OPEN ON is equivalent to CLOSED * Indicates the factory-set default positionI/O Communications Control Module Type 4 5 GFK-0077 HYBRID PACKAGE ORIENTATION CABLE SPECIFICATIONS Verify that the hybrid DIP package is A cable assembly is required to oriented for RS-232 communication. c o n n e c t t h e I/O CCM4 to the Data Position the hybrid DIP package so that Highway. This cable connects the I/O 232 appears r ight -side up on the I/O CCM4, RS-232, serial port to the port CCM4 module. 0 s) C 232 cqss labeled Computer RS232-C on the Allen-Bradley Communication Controller a42060 Module. Only the RS-232, Port 2, (also referenced as J2) is used for the I/O CCM4 interface. Port 2, pin-out is shown below. RS-232-C SELECTED Figure 3 HYBRID PACKAGE BACKPLANE I/O CONFIGURATION Before installing the I/O CCM4 in the logic rack, set the backplane dual-in-line Refer to Table 3, cable specifications (DIP) switch package. The switch package and Figure 5, cable configuration, for is located to the right of each I/O card construction of the RS232 cable locat ion. assembly. Table 1 RS-232-C PORT 2 PIN-OUT PIN

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