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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: 1K Register Memory Module (for use in Model 600 or 6000)
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

REGISTER MEMORY MODULE GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Register Memory module is utilized in the Model 600 Central Processor Units (CPU) to provide 1024 (1K) , 16-bit words of battery-backed, Complimentary Metal- Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) memory reserved for Register-memory data. This module can be used with any functional level (Basic, Extended or Advanced). The features and benefits of this module are summarized in Table 1. The LEDs, marked PARITY and BATTERY , are visible through a markable lens on the faceplate. The PARITY LED turns off if there is a Register memory or Table memory (contained on the Internal Memory module) parity error; the BATTERY LED indicates the status of the on-board Lithium battery. The LEDs operate only when the module is installed in a properly powered CPU rack. The module contains a two-tiered circuit board. The top tier, or daughter board, contains the CMOS memory devices; the bottom tier, or mother board, contains memory control circuitry, a Lithium battery and Light- Emitting Diode (LED) indicators. Refer to Figure 1 for Register Memory module specifications. TABLE 1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 1 FEATURES I BENEFITS I Battery-Backed CMOS memory. Retains Register memory after power-down or power failure. pEgi ~~- Simplifies troubleshooting. - Dimensions: Circuit Board: 8.15 x 11.0 (inches) 208 x 280 (mm) FacepIate: 12.46 x 1.175 (inches) 317x30 (mm) - Power Requirements: 5 Vdc, 800 mA (Supplied by CPU power supply) - Storage Temperature: 00 to 70oC - Operating Temperature: O to 60 C - Humidity: 5% - 95% (non-condensing) FIGURE 1. SPECIFICATIONS Ia. con\' j . 96399-001 /6 Register Memory Module GEK-83500 PC-36.840150 REGISTER MEMORY BATTERY PARITY 9 0 BATTERY Light: Steady On: Battery Normal Flashing: Battery Low: CPU continues running. No. 2 alarm is activated. To protect the memory contents, replace the battery before it fails. Steady Off: Battery Failed: CPU continues running, but will not restart if stopped. No. 2 alarm remains activated. Memory contents will be lost when power is switched off or lost. For battery replacement information consult the Series Six Installation and Maintenance Manual, GEK-25361. PARITY Light On: Table Memory and Register Memory parity is OK. Off: Table Memory and/or Register Memory parity error exists. An error message appears in the work area of the Program Development Terminal display. 0 Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Battery 0 Battery Jacks FIGURE 2. USER ITEMS 2 PC-S6-84-0150 Register Memory Module INSTALLATION GEK-83500 The Register Memory module can be installed in a Model 600 CPU. The card slot to the immediate left of the Internal Memory module is reserved for this module. Follow Remove top tic fasteners. board cover after pinching white, plas- Connect 2-pin Lithium battery of male jacks beneath battery. connector to either Place top board cover over component side of circuit board, making sure that white fasteners open and catch. Use extraction/insertion tool furnished with CPU to insert (or remove) module into rack. Secure faceplate to rack using thumbscrews at top and bottom. Relatively small amounts of excess charge can cause very intense elect r o s t a t i c f i e l d s i n metaloxide- semiconductor (MOS) devices, damaging their gate structure. When the board covers have been removed, avoid handling this circuit board in a manner which might cause electrostatic charges. Failure to observe this CAUTION could result in the destruction of the CMOS-RAM devices in this module. With the board covers in place, it is unlikely that normal handling of this module would cause any damage. Clear parity errors detected at initial power-up of the CPU. Refer to Chapter 2, Series Six Programming Manual (GEK-25362)) for further details. 1 W A R N I N G 1 Do not place a short circuit between the contacts and the ends of the battery. Do not attempt to recharge the battery. Failure to observe either of these WARNINGS will cause the battery to explode, possibly resulting in personal injury. Register Memory Module GEK-83500 ORDERING INFORMATION Circuit Board and Faceplate Faceplate IC600CB508A CATALOG NUMBER REVISION SUFFIX IC600FP508A The equipment listed above having the catalog numbers shown and the same equipment having a higher alpha suffix is designed for listing by UL for use as auxiliary control devices. The equipment is a direct replacement for equipment having the same catalog number but a lower alpha suffix. The UL symbol on the nameplate means the product is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL Standard No. 508, Industrial Control Equipment, subsection Electronic Power Conversion Equipment.) For further information, contact your IocaI GE Fanuc sales office. GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia 4 MARCH,

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