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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: 11 Slots 19 inch Series Six Plus CPU 115-230Vac Power Supply
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Central Processor Unit 8-Slot Rack 1l-Slot Rack General Description The Central Processor Unit (CPU) for the Series Six Plus Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) contains a power supply, three control modules and a memory module, connected to a common backplane and enclosed within a mountable rack. The Series Six CPU rack is available in 2 sizes: 8 slots and 11 slots. The 8 slot rack contains an I/O backplane capable of supporting up to four I/O modules. The 11 slot rack contains an I/O backplane capable of supporting up to seven I/O modules. Three items must be ordered to make up a complete Series Six Plus CPU: (1) a basic unit which includes a rack with power supply, I/O Control module, Arithmetic Control module, ribbon cable, and field wiring trough, (2) Logic Control module, (3) Combined Memory module. The features and benefits of the Series Six Plus PLC are summarized in table 1. Two of the three control modules, the Arithmetic Control and Logic Control modules, perform the central processing operations of the Series Six Plus Programmable Logic Controller. The Arithmetic Control module contains a 16-bit processor that performs all PLC arithmetic and logical operations. The Logic Control module provides Advanced, Expanded, and Expanded II functions to the processor as well as control and timing signals throughout the CPU. The third control module, the I/O Control module, provides an interface between the CPU and an input/output (I/O) chain (containing up to 8000 inputs and 8000 outputs), and the Workmaster computer. With an optional Auxiliary I/O module, an additional 8000 inputs and 8000 outputs can be included on the Auxiliary I/O chain. The entire Series Six Plus PLC memory system is contained on a single, battery-backed, CMOS memory board, which is the Logic Memory module. This module contains three types of memory: Internal memory, Register memory and Logic memory. The Internal memory consists of various internal data stored in Table and Scratchpad formats; the Register memory contains storage for up to 16K of l6-bit registers. The user program, which is developed in the Workmaster computer and consists of ladder diagram logic and/or mnemonic functions, is stored in the Logic memory. A Series Six Plus PLC can contain up to 64K of Logic memory. The CPU can operate in one of two modes: STOP or RUN. In the STOP mode, the CPU performs a series of execution sequences during which the CPU communicates with various system peripherals and executes housekeeping routines. In the RUN mode, the Series Six Plus CPU solves the user program in logic memory, scans the inputs and updates the outputs, and performs the operations executed in the STOP mode. A Series Six Plus PLC option, the Communications Control module, allows the Series Six Plus to communicate with intelligent devices (host computer, programmable terminal, etc.) as well as the STR-LINK IIA and STR-LINK III recorders, and Series One, Series Three and Series Six PLCs. Programs are entered, edited and monitored with the Workmaster computer using Logicmaster 6 programming software. An IBM PC, PC-XT, or PC-AT personal computer using the unbundled version of Logicmaster 6 software can also be used for the programming functions. Refer to table 2 for Series Six Plus PLC specifications. mTrademark of Electronic Processors, Inc. @Registered Trademark of International Business Machines, Inc. 2 Central Processor Unit GFK-0147B FEATURES Battery-backed CMOS memory: 4K, SK, 16K, 32K or 64K of Logic Memory 1K to 16K (16-bit words) of Register Memory Table and Scratchpad Memory BENEFITS Provides ample program storage; allows user to monitor and control I/O and Series Six Plus PLC. All logic memory is available to the user ladder program. I/O Control module. Auxiliary I/O module Supports up to 16K input and 16K output (8K I/O in Main chain, 8K I/O in Auxiliary chain) points with I/O Transmitter modules and optional Auxiliary I/O module. Communications Control modules (option@: CCM2, CCM3, I/O CCM RS-232C Current Loop RS-422 Provides ease and flexibility in operation of Series Six Plus PLC, Two independent ports. Can be Master/Slave without other hardware. Interface to Workmaster computer. Available in three versions to cover 95 to 260 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 24 V dc or 125 V dc source input power without modification, Expandability in programming capabilities. Can be used in a variety of installations. No jumpers or rewiring required. Compact size for 64K Logic memory, 16K register memory and up to 224 I/O points in one 19 inch rack. GEnetTM Factory LAN for broader communications capabilities than with the Communications Control Modules. Easy one rack installation for I/O and CPU capabilities. Provides a 10 M bps token passing bus for high speed communications between GE Fanuc automation equipment. Uses the International Standards Organizations s Open System Interconnection model as its communication architecture and complies with the General Motors Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) specification which includes the IEEE 802.4 token bus standard. PROGRAMMING FUNCTION (REQUIRED OPTION) ADVANCED, EXPANDED, OR EXPANDED II AC (95-260 VAC) DC (20-32 VDC OR 100-150 VDC) I/O MODULES (4 OR 7 SLOTS) I I DISCRETE, ANALOG, APM1/2, ASCII/BASIC, I/O CCM, I/O TRANSMITTER, HIGH SPEED COUNTER, REMOTE I/O DRIVER, GENIUS BUS CONTROLLER, I/O LINK LOCAL INCLUDED WITH BASIC RACK LOGIC/REGISTER MEMORY (REQUIRED OPTION) I/O, AUXILIARY I/O, COMMUNICATIONS CONTROL OR LOCAL AREA NETWORK [ LAN IS A 2 SLOT OPTION. LAN AND COMMUNICATIONS CONTROL CAN NOT BE USED TOGETHER Central Processor Unit 3 GFK-0147B a42334 *13 INCH RACK HAS 8 SLOTS WITH UP TO 4 SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR I/O MODULES 2. Power-Supply Front-Panel Connector Block. D-Type 36-Pin Connector to I/O Chain. Connects to I/O Receiver or Advanced I/O Receiver module in nearest I/O rack in chain. 3. D-Type 36-Pin Connector to Workmaster computer. 4. 5. Power Switch CPU RUN/STOP Key Switch STOP: CPU is unconditionally in the STOP mode. RUN: CPU is in the RUN mode, unless this condition has been altered by commands from the Workmaster computer, or by the state of various control signals. When this switch is turned from STOP to RUN, the system starts when the outputs are enabled. 6. MEMORY PROTECT Key Switch PROTECT: The contents of the Logic Memory and the Override Table are protected from being changed. WRITE: The user program in the Logic Memory Can be changed, and an override condition can be added to or removed from inputs or outputs through the Override Table. 7. POWER Light On: The voltage levels of all three DC outputs (+12V, -12V, +5V) are within tolerance. Off: At least one of these voltage levels is out of tolerance. 8. CHAIN OK Light On: Continuity, power, and output data parity are OK at all I/O stations in the chain. Off: A continuity, or power problem, or output data parity error exists at one of more I/O stations(s). 9. PARITY Light On: Input data parity is OK at the I/O Control module. Off: Input data parity error exists. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. ENABLED Light On: Outputs are enabled. CPU is operating in the RUN ENABLED mode. Off: Outputs are disabled. CPU is in the RUN DISABLED or the STOP mode. DPU Light On: Data Processor is OK. Off: A continuity error or other type of problem exists with the DPU. Also off if no DPU is connected. CHECK Light On: CPU execution sequence is proceeding and the self-test has passed at least once each 300ms (+/- 5O ms). CPU can be in RUN or STOP mode. Off: CPU self-test has not been passed within 300 ms (+/- 50 ms). CPU goes to STOP mode: I/O chain is reset. RUN Light On: CPU execution sequence is proceeding and the self-test has passed at least once each 300ms (+/- 50 ms). CPU is in RUN mode. Off: CPU is in STOP mode. BATTERY Light Steady On: Battery Normal Flashing: Battery Low - CPU continues running. No. 2 alarm is activated. To protect the memory contents, the battery should be replaced before it fails. Steady Off: Battery Failed - CPU continues running, but will not restart if stopped. No. 2 alarm remains activated. Memory contents will be lost when power is switched off or lost. 15. PARITY Light On: Table, Register and Logic memory parity is OK. Off: Parity error exists in either Table, Register or Logic memory. An error message identifying location of the error will appear in the scratchpad display area on the Workmaster computer screen. 6 Central Processor Unit Installation This section provides a summary of the procedures described in Chapter 3 of the Series Six Pius User s Manual (GEK-96602). Do not attempt to install the Series Six Plus PLC without consulting that manual. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Series Six Plus PLC can be rack, panel or wall mounted, depending on the position of the mounting brackets. IMPORTANT: Proper safety ground and signal ground connections must be made as described in the Series Six Plus User s Manual. Connect the Lithium-Manganese Dioxide battery to either of the male jacks beneath the battery on the Logic Memory module. Install the Logic Control module in slot 2, which is to the left of the I/O Control module. Use the extraction/insertion tool supplied with the basic CPU unit to insert (or remove) this module (or any other module) into the Series Six Plus rack. Install the Logic Memory module in slot 4, which is to the irnmediate left of the Arithmetic Control module. Use the extraction/insertion tool supplied with the CPU to insert this module into the Series Six Plus rack. Set the jumpers on the I/O Control module according to system requirements. GF K-0 147B 6. Make the following connections to the terminal block on the Series Six Plus PLC power supply: 3-wire (grounding) AC power cord for AC power supply DC source connections to POS and NEG terminal for DC power supply. Alarm relay contacts (optional) Auxiliary battery (optional) Install the protective cover plate after making these connections. Connect the cable from the primary I/O chain to the lower faceplate connector on the 1/O Control module. Connect the cable from the Workmaster computer or Program Development Terminal to the upper connector (Workmaster required with Expanded functions). If neither the Workmaster computer nor the PDT is to be connected, the upper connector can be left empty. NOTE After a power fault, the system comes back in the mode (STOP, RUN ENABLED, or RUN DISABLED) in which it was operating before power was lost. Both the RUN and the CHECK indicator can flash momentarily when power is turned on in the CPU. A valid RUN or CHECK state, however, is indicated by a steady glow of the LED. See outline drawings of racks on pages 7-10.

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