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  • Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
  • Description: Input Output Rack Old Version
  • Weight: 3 lbs :: ≈ 2 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Product Revisions Available:
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Product Manual Excerpt

GFK-0148A Input/Output Racks 8 and 11 Slots June 1989 General Description The Series Six Input/Output (I/O) rack provides the regulated DC power, backplane and enclosure for the Series Six I/O modules; and is available in two sizes: 8 slots and 11 slots. Two power supply types are also available: Standard Capacity and High Capacity. The Standard rack satisfies most I/O applications of the Series Six Programmable Controller. The High Capacity rack provides adequate current for applications utilizing I/O modules that demand collectively more than 6.1 amps. The I/O rack features and benefits are summarized in Table 1. The left card slot of each I/O rack is intended for an I/O Receiver module (Local I/O Receiver or Remote I/O Receiver). The remaining slots are available for Series Six I/O modules. Refer to the list on page 6. On the backplane adjacent to each of the I/O module card slots (inside the rack enclosure) are Dual-In-line-Package (DIP) switches which allow the user to set the addresses for the corresponding I/O modules. The Standard Capacity I/O Rack provides +5 Vdc to its backplane and operates from 115 Vac or 230 Vac sources (at 47 to 63 Hz). The input voltage is jumper-selectable by the user. The High-Capacity I/O rack provides +5, +12, and -12 Vdc to its backplane. Three power supplies are available: 95-260 Vac, 20-32 Vdc and 100-150 Vdc. The Standard I/O rack may be upgraded to a High-Capacity I/O rack by replacing the power supply with a High-Capacity power supply. A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) on the faceplate of the I/O rack power supply indicates that the DC power supplied by the rack is wihin tolerance. Refer to Table 3 for I/O Rack specifications. Table 1. FEATURES AND BENEFITS lmpFE~T~~ES I BENEFITS I Available with Interchangeable Standard or High-Capacity Power Supply modules. Can accommodate numerous types of I/O modules. Compatible with all Series Six CPUs. Used in all I/O locations. Reduces spare-parts inventory cost. Equipped with dual-purpose mounting brackets. Can be rack-mounted or panel-mounted Removeable power supply module. Reduced downtime and inventory cost. Addressing switches on backplane , Easy installation of I/O modules. I/o 2 Input/Output Racks GFK-0148A 1 . 41 P-PIN BACKPLANE CONNECTOR MATES WITH CONNECTOR ON A PLUG-IN MODULE. 2. POWER-SUPPLY FRONT-PANEL TERMINAL BLOCK. SEE \"INSTALLATION\" SECTION AND FIGURE 3 OF THIS DATA SHEET. 3. LOGIC-POWER SWITCH 4. DIP SWITCHES TO SET I/O MODULE ADDRESS 5. POWER LIGHT A. ON: THE DC VOLTAGE OUTPUT OF THE POWER SUPPLY IS WITHIN TOLERANCE B. OFF: DC VOLTAGE IS OUT OF TOLERANCE Figure 1. USER ITEMS Input/Output Racks 3 GFK-0148A Installation The following procedures summarize the proper installation of the I/O rack. Further details on each step can be found in the Series Six Plus Users Manual GEK-96602. 1. The I/O rack can be rack-mounted or panel-mounted. The location and orientation of the mounting brackets depends on the mount. Refer to Figure 3. j WARNING ( Extreme care should be taken when making connections to the terminal block - - - High voltage AC or DC may be present. 2. Refer to Figure 3. Connect a power cord capable of carrying the current drawn by the power supply to the terminal block on the front panel. Safety ground and signal ground connections must be made as described in the Series Six Plus Users Manual. Ensure that the input voltage jumper is positioned correctly and secured (Standard I/O rack only). After the connections have been made, mount the protective cover over the terminal block with the screws provided; make sure that the wires are routed through the opening in the cover. a42340 IJ I 11 SLOT 3. Install an I/O Receiver module (or Remote I/O Receiver) in the card slot at the extreme left in the rack if this is the first rack in a Remote station. 4. Any combination of Input, Output, I/O Transmitter and/or Remote I/O Driver modules can be installed in the other card slots in the rack, after the DIP switches (Figure 4) for each have been set to the appropriate address as indicated in Figure 5. Note that an optional wiring trough is available to facilitate field-wiring to the various modules. NOTE If the POWER LED does not light at power-up, or intermittent errors occur in the course of operation, the current-rating of the I/O rack could be exceeded. Refer to Table 2 to determine the total current requirements within a rack. NOTE See outline drawings on pages 5-8. *-------@!!n (RACK MOUNT) (PANEL MOUNT) 8 SLOT (SIDE BY SIDE) Figure 2. USE OF MOUNTING BRACKETS 115V AC ...-\"N Input/Output Racks 9 GFK-0148A I/0 POINT DIP SWITCH POSITION I/O POINT DIP SWITCH POSITION I/O POINT DIP SWITCH POSITION 1- 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 337-344 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 673-680 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 PC 513.83-0127 X = Switch in OPEN Position (Depressed to the Left). Figure 5. DIP SWITCH SETTINGS FOR I/O POINT SELECTION FOR EIGHT-CIRCUIT MODULES 10 Input/Output Racks GFK-0148A Table 2. SUMMARY OF UNITS OF LOAD FOR I/O MODULES UNITS OF LOAD (1) CATALOG MODULE NUMBER DESCRIPTION +5 v +12 v -12 v LC600BF800 [C600BF801 IC600BF802 1C6OOBF804 [C6OOBF805 IC600BF806 1CBOOBF808 IC600BF8 10 IC6OOBF813 IC6OOBFS 14 tC600BF8 15 IC600BF8 16 1C600BF8 17 tC600BF818 IC600BF8 19 IC600BF827 IC6OOBF830 IC6OOBF83 1 IC600BF841 IC600BF842 IC600BF843 IC6OOBF900 IC600BF90 1 IC600BF902 IC600BF903 IC600BF.904 IC600BF905 IC6OOBF906 IC600BF907 IC6OOBF908 IC6OOBF909 IC600BF910 IC600BF912 IC600BF914 IC6OOBF915 IC600BF9 17 IC600BF921 IC6OOBF923 IC600BF924 IC6OOBF929 IC60OBF930 IC600BF941 IC600BF942 IC600BF943 IC600BF944 IC600BF949 I/O Receiver 9 Remote I/O Receiver 42 10 1 O(2) 24 to 48 V dc Input 2 115 V ac/dc Input 2 230 V ac/dc Input 2 c 12 V ac/dc Input 2 I Interrupt Input 3 e 115 V ac/dc Isolated Input 2 Type 3 Thermocouple Input 2 9 Type K+ thermocouple Input 29 Type S Thermocouple Input 2 9 B Type T Thermocouple Input 2 9 - Type B Thermocouple Input 29 Type E Thermocouple Input 29 Type R Thermocouple Input 2 9 High Speed Counter 19 m c Advanced I/O Receiver 12 s High Density Input 4 0 to 10 V dc Analog Input 2 9 +-l0 V dc Analog Input 2 9 4 to 20 mA analog Input 29 I/O Transmitter 34 I Remote I/O Driver 3 8 10 1 O(2) 24 V dc Sink Output 7 48 V dc Sink Output 7 115 V ac Output 9 230 V ac Output 9 c 12 V dc Sink Output 7 s 12 V dc Source Output 7 B 24 V dc Source Output 7 48 V dc Source Output 7 115 V ac Isolated Output 8 230 V ac Isolated Output 8 Reed Relay Output 13 Axis Positioning Module, Type 1 4 2 7 3 Axis Positioning Module, Type 2 42 1 1 6 5 v TTL output 3 10 to 50 V dc Sink Output 3 120 V dc Output 5 I 10 to 50 V dc Source Output 3 115 V ac Protected Output 8 0 to 10 V dc Analog Output 29 +-10 V dc Analog Output 2 9 4 to 20 mA Analog Output 2 9 ASCII Basic Module (12 K) 20 12 c ASCII Basic Module (28 K) 2 0 12 * Input/Output Racks 11 GFK-0148A Table 2. SUMMARY OF UNITS OF LOAD FOR I/O MODULES - Continued UNITS OF LOAD (1) CATALOG MODULE NUMBER DESCRIPTION +5 v +12 v -12 v IC600BF946 Loop Management Module 2 0 12 IC6OOBF947 I/O Link Local 2 0 12 IC6OOBF948 I/O CCM 2 0 12 IC6OOBF950 I/O CCM4 20 12 Ic6ooAELooo LAN Interface Controller Board 20 2 1 IC600AEMO 10 LAN Interface Modem Board 17 16 2 IC600CBB902 Genius Bus Controller (with Diagnostics) 20 2 - IC600CBB 903 Genius Bus Controller (without Diagnostics) 20 2 w Dimensions (19 , I1 slots): Rack-Mount Panel Mount Dimensions (13 , 8 slots): Rack-Mount Panel Mount (Brackets on sides) Panel Mount (Brackets On Top and bottom, Side by Side Mount) Weight (Empty) Power Supply Input Noise Immunity Power Requirements Allowable Power Interruptions Power-Supply Output Module Capacity Operating Temperature 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F) (outside of the rack) Storage Temperature -20 C to +8O C (-4 to 158 F) Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Table 3. SPECIFICATIONS 19.0(W) x 13.4(H) x 9.3(D) inches (483 x 340 x 236 millimeters) 20.0(W) x 13.4(H) x 9.3(D) inches (508 x 340 x 236 millimeters) 16.0(W) x 13.4(H) x 9.3(D) inches 406 x 340 x 236 millimeters) 16.0(W) x.4(H) x 9.3(D) inches (406 x 340 x 236 millimeters) 13.25(W) x 16.15(H) x 9.3(D) inches (340 x 410 x 236 millimeters) 30 pow-ids (15kg) High Capacity: 90-260 Vac Standard: 95-130 Vac 190-240 Vac 80 VA (maximum) Meets requirements of NEMA ICS2-230 and ANSI C37.90A. Three power supplies are available: 1. 95-260 V ac 47-63 Hz 250VA Max. 2, 20-32 V dc 180 watts Max. 3. l00-150 V dc 200 watts Max. 33 ms minimum at 115 Vac line. (AC supply) 10 ms minimum at 20 Vdc (24 Vdc supply) 4 ms minimum at 100 Vdc (125 Vdc supply) High Capacity: +5 Vdc, 16.5 A max. +12Vdc, 1.5 A max. -12 Vdc, 1.0 A max. Standard: +5 Vdc, 6.1 A max. Seven or ten addressable card slots, plus one non-addressable slot for an I/O Receiver or Advanced I/O Receiver module. 1 2 Input/Output Racks GFK-0148A Table 4. ORDERING INFORMATION DESCRIPTION CATALOG NUMBER 8-slot, 90-260 Vac High Capacity 8-slot, 24 Vdc 8-slot, 125 Vdc 8-slot, 115/230 Vac, Standard 1 l-slot, 90-260 Vac, High Capacity 11 -slot, 24 Vdc N-slot, 125 Vdc 11-slot, 115/230 Vac, Standard IC6OOYR55OL IC6OOYR554K IC600YR555K IC6OOYR55 1K IC6OOYR560K IC600YR564K IC600YR565K IC6OOYR56l.K This symbol on the namplate means the product is Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL Standard No. 508, Industrial Control Equipment, subsection electronic power Conversion Equipment.) For ordering information regarding all Series Six Plus PLC products, contact your local GE Fanuc sales office. GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia

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